One of the most fun projects while on AF1 was the Global 1Vote and the Vote Kiosk. I have fond memories of AF1. This was to be my very last project in AS2


Developer under a Senior Flash Developer.

Duration: 2 months for the 1vote project. Several months on maintenance.


Global 1Vote opened up voting on the hottest Nike AirForce 1s of all time. Sneakerheads all over the world got a chance to vote on their favorite. Nike selected shoes to represent regions all over the world and encouraged users in those markets to represent their style.

It was a heated battle!

Our site was fully localized into many European and Asian languages.

We built the entire voting systems ourselves at R/GA.

I was particularly proud of the slick animations and clean aesthetic of this site.

The Vote kiosk was another part of the 1Vote campaign. It consisted of retail kiosks installed at several NikeTowns throughout the country. These NikeTown kiosks were linked together in real-time to the voting system. Users could see the votes being counted from all other locations in real-time! The kiosk was also developed to be a completely touch-based interface. Something that was very much ahead of its time in 2008!


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